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Emu Music – No Other Name chords

Bb5 Eb
Bb5 Eb
Gm7 F Bb5 Bb3 Bbadd9
Bb/D Ebadd9 Fsus4 F
Bb5 Fsus4 F
Gm Ebadd9 F

There is no other name 
In heaven can be found 
Through whom we are redeemed 
Through whom your grace abounds 
No other name can save 
But Jesus Christ our Lord 

My joy in sorrowʼs tears 
My strength to cast out fears 
No other name but Jesus, Jesus 
My hope in darkest night 
My broken soulʼs delight 
No other name but Jesus, Jesus 

There is no victory 
But Jesus crucified 
No other cure for sin 
But that our Saviour died 
No other hope we have 
But that he rose again 

No other throne endures 
No other song remains 
But ʻWorthy is the Lamb 
Who was for sinners slainʼ 
When every knee shall bow 
And tongue confess you are Lord, 
You are Lord
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