Engelbert Humperdick - The Way It Used To Be chords

The way it used to be
by: Engelbert Humperdick
Chords by: Juhndemar H. Sambu

Verse 1:
Gm CmLonely table just for one
D Gmin a bright and crowded room
Cmwhile the music has begun
Di drink to the memories
Gmin the gloom
though the music still
Cmthe same
Dit has a bitter sweet
Gso play the song
Dthe way it used to be
D7before she left and
G G7changed it all to sadness
Cand maybe if she's
Gpassing by the window
she would hear our
D G G7love song, and melody
Cand even if the words
Gare not so tender
Di will always remember
G--Gm the way it used to be Verse 2: friends stop by and said
Cm D hello, then i laughed
Gmand hide the pain
Cmit's quite easy till they go
D Gthen the song begins again
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