Enrique Iglesias – Rhythm Divine chords ver. 2

      SONG : Rhythm Divine By Enrique Iglesias

      GUITAR CHORDS BY : Prayag Dekaraja

      The song Rhythm Divine though we can play it very easily,it is quite   hard 
for beginners.So,for the beginners I have given some chords which      matches 
with the original song.Listen to the song and play it you will    surely get the 
strumming pattern.

      INTRO : G  F  C  G

G F From the coast of Vicanina,to the island of capri
G F All the way to kualalumpur,I will follow you whereever you maybe
G F From the moment I first say you,know my heart could not be free
G F Have to hold you in my arms now,there can never be another for me
G F All I need is the Rhythm Divine
C G Lost in the music your heart will be mine
G F All I need is to look in your eyes
C Vivala Musica
G Say you`ll be mine.
(PLAY IN THE SAME WAY) Can you fill the heat of passion, Can you taste our love in sweet. Join in the dance and let it happen. Put tomorrows care right out of your mind. REPEAT CHORUS... BRIDGE :
Am Our love is lasting forever
Am Come live this moment together
G F Nothing else matters,but you in the night
Am Come sit one moment beside me
Am And the rhythm`s taking your heart
G F Nothing can stop us compending it all
F You are my heart
G You are my soul
G Can you feel the rhythm
F Can you feel the rhythm
C Can you feel the rhythm
G Burning,I`m burning.
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