Enter Shikari - Sorry Youre Not A Winner tab

Title: Sorry You're Not A Winner
Artist: Enter Shikari

Tuning: Drop D


I just got this one on my own without a guitar.
But I'm pretty sure with the sound of my work
on how the song goes. n_n


Guitar 1

E|----------------------------------------|C|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------|D|-----7-8-5----7-8-10----7-8-7----7-8-7--|A|--00-------00--------00-------00--------|D|--00-------00--------00-------00--------| .. .. .. ..
E|---------------------------------------|C|---------------------------------------|G|-----------8-----8---8-----------------|D|-----------x-----x---x---0000-0000-00--|A|--0000-00-06-00-06-006---0000-0000-00--|D|--0000-00-0--00-0--00----0000-0000-00--| .... .. . .. . ..
E|----------------------------------|C|----------------------------------|G|------8-----8---8-----------------|D|------x-----x---x---0000-0000-00--|A|--00-06-00-06-006---0000-0000-00--|D|--00-0--00-0--00----0000-0000-00--| .. . .. . .. .. . .. . ..
"Gadget off"->
Outro: This one's really coooooooL
Do it as the song finish The one's the bottom of the guitar where you twist or attach the string. Why not try it? "Guitar 2 Coming Soon" (I already know the the i've created, just need electric guitar for the testing the gutiar 2.)
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