Enter The Worship Circle – You Are Mine chords

Capo 6 
*mostly walk-downs in the G-Shape.

V1. C9 G G/F# GMaybe I don't have the strength
C9 G G/F# C9Maybe I don't have the faith
Em G/F# C9 GYou brought me here in 40 years
C9 G G/F# GI know this trip should take a week
I've shed my tears and shed my blood Been held ransom by the flood The winter steals my songs away In all of this I come undone CH.
Em G/F# C9 GWhen you walk through the water I will be with you
Em G/F# G C9 When you pass through the river the waves will not over take you
Em G/F# C9 GWhen you walk on the fire the flames they will not touch you
Em G/F# C9 You are mine, you are mine, you are mine
V2. I've been a child I've been a slave I've grown bitter and learned to pray Packed my bags and started back The cost was just too high to pay
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