Enuff Znuff - We Dont Have To Be Friends tab

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Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 18:25:03 -0600
From: Brent Rhodes 
Subject: e/enuff_znuff/we_dont_have_to_be_friends.crd

Song name: We Don't Have to be Friends
Artist name: Enuff Z'nuff
Transcriber: Brent Rhodes//brhodes1@bellsouth.net
This song comes from Enuff Z'nuff's seventh U.S. release
entitled "Seven", Track #11

	2xx232  x21202
	(D/F#)   (B7)

Piano intro transcribed on guitar:

Riff 1 [Em] [D] [B] 2xE-----0---0---0---0---0--0--0---|--------0------]B-----12--12--12--10--8--7--8---|--7--8--5--4---]G-----12--12--12--11--9--7--7---|--7--7--4--4---]D-------------------------------|--0--0---------]A-------------------------------|--------2--2---]E--0----------------------------|---------------]
3rd time: This part should be played together w/ riff 1 [Em] [D] [B]E-----0---0---0---0---0---0---0--|--------0-----]B-----12--12--12--13--12--10--12-|--7--8--5--4--]G-----12--12--12--12--12--11--12-|--7--7--4--4--]D--------------------------------|--0--0--------]A--------------------------------|--------2--2--]E--0-----------------------------|--------------]
Fill 1 [Em] E---------------------------------------------------|--0----]B----------5----------------------------------------|--0----]G----2-/-4---4--4h5p4p2-2h4p2p0-0---0---------------|--0----]D---------------------------------4---4-2-0---------|--2----]A-------------------------------------------2-0-----|--2----]E-0---------------------------------------------3-2-|--0----]
<> [Em] [B7] Do you remember when we first said hello? [Em] [A] The way you wore your hair [Am] How we drink til' dawn [B7] [Em riff1 1X] and got it on your basement stairs Every little bit of joy in my heart Has turned to pain somehow. But I'll take the pain [riff1 1x ended with Em chord] Cuz I'd go insane if I laugh too loud. <> [G] [D/F#] We don't have to be friends to get a- [Em] [Bm] long. We don't have to be friends to get it [C] [G] on. Just say I love you [C] [B7] Cuz that's just words [Em riff1 2x] We don't have to be friends We don't have to be friends. <> When you need me I'll be right by your side. You're there when I need you. There's a bond we share and we always care though our hearts aren't true. You take care of everything that I need And I'll take care of you And I realize That your big green eyes look for something new. < in the 2nd chorus, but the melody stays constant throughout. The song ends with the same progression as the intro with the fill1 finale>> * Take note of the chords above the intro tab. An accompanying instrument should not play an Em all the way through.
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