Envy On The Coast – Made Of Stone tab

Tuning: Standard


There are little diddies that Ryan plays
like hitting little harmonics and open high strings,
just get a feel for it then try adding them, it's
pretty easy and fun, this is just basically what's
being played.

Chorus: Strumming isn't too hard to figure out. And I tabbed this out just like Ryan plays it live, I know that the chords are the same basically, he just played the first set of C, D and Em as open power chords
C A E G Am B7 C D Em Am B7e|--0--0--0--0---0--0--0--2--0-------0--0~~----------------------------------|B|--0--0--0--0---1--0--1--3--0-------1--0~~----------------------------------|G|--4--7--9--12--2--2--0--2--0-------2--2~~----------------------------------|D|--5--7--9--12--2--1--2--0--2-------2--1~~----------------------------------|A|--3--5--7--10--0--2--3-----2-------0--2~~----------------------------------|E|---------------------------0--0--2-----------------------------------------|
Bridge: Same as the chorus basically, just use the actual chords, not the power chords. C - D - Em - Am - B7 OK, that's what I got for this song, I tabbed it out from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Na2eXf3jE&feature=related Watch it and learn how to play it with this tab, some parts I'm kinda not sure about, but they still sound good.
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