Eric Carmen – Last Night chords

Last Night

F C F D# Bb I think I'll stay at home tonight just play some records
D#7 C# G# C#And catch up on some sleep
F C F D# Bb Sometimes I like to be alone, I've been so busy
D#7 C# G# C#Maybe someone will drop by
D Bm Last night when I went to bed I was lonely
D Bm Last night when I went to bed I was so blue
Em7 A7 Em7 Bb But that's the last night, yeah, that's the last night
D A7 BbWell, that's the last night I'm gonna lose any sleep over you
I waited for the phone to ring and when it didn't I turned on the Carson show I lit another cigarette and dialled your number But there was no one at home Chorus
F Bb Am Dm I walked across the street to the drugstore and I bought a magazine
G7 A7 Then I came back home and read it through
Chorus by: José Duarte
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