Eric Carmen – Make Me Lose Control tab

Make Me Lose Control - Eric Carmen (Cartman?  No! "Carmen"!)
transcribed by M_Pony

E       A                B             A   B      E      A.B..AB
I run a comb through my hair  And step out in the street 
        E          A        B             A   B      E    A    B    AB
And the city's the color of flame  In the mid-summer heat,  Oh yeah 
A                                              Ab-                  C#-
Jennifer's got her daddy's car  She's playing "Uptown" on the stere-o
      F#                                       B       A   B
We go cruisin' so close  The way they did long ago, My dar-lin' 

E                       A               B
(Turn) Turn the radio up for that sweet sound 
E                     A     B
 Hold me close, never let me go 
E                         A             B        E       A    B
(Keep) Keep this feelin' alive, Make me lose con-trol,   Baby baby 
E                          A         B
(When) When I look in your eyes I go crazy 
E                      A           B
 Fever's high with the lights down low 
    E                      A             B
(So take) Take me over the edge, Make me lose control
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