Eric Herman – Elephant Song tab

This song and chords are written by Children's music artist Eric Herman, you can find 

Chords used:

G: 320003
D: xx0232
Am: x02210
C: x32010
Bm7: x24232
Em: 022000
Cmaj7: x32000
Csus2: x32030
B: x24442

G             D       G
Elephants, I like elephants

Am                 D
I like how they swing through trees

C    Bm7  Em         C   Bm7  Em
Fish,              I like fish

C                   Cmaj7                     Csus2
I like how they scratch at fleas and sniff at trees

and bark at the mailman

               C       G                                       D
Gotta like dogs, curled up on the windowsill purring and chasing mice

G    Cmaj7      B      G     Cmaj7          
Cats,      I like cats, I like how they say "cock a doodle doo"

And so on..
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