I Hope You Know chords with lyrics by Erich Bergen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Erich Bergen – I Hope You Know chords

G D Em C D G D Em C D

[Verse 1]
GI hope you know
DWatcha mean to me
EmYour smile as far as i can see
C DIs all I ever need to be
GAnd I
DHope you know
Am Em CmThat everyday I spend with you
C D EmIs all I ever wanted to be
CThe man I want to be
Em CI find is when it's you and me
CAnd you
CWill always lead me there
DYou know I'll always care
[Verse 2]
GI hope you know
DThat the words I say
EmWill last until my final day
C DAnd guide us through a certain way
G DBefore this night is through
EmI've won the day by winning you
C D EmMy heart beats faster when I'm next to you
CYou are my light you see
Em CIt's you who inspires me
Em CTo be all that I can be
DI hope you know
GI hope you know
[Interlude] D Em7 C D G D Em C D [Bridge]
GI hope you see
DThat the you I know
EmMakes it so that I can go
C DRule the world and always know
G DThat you make me believe
EmThat I don't need tricks up my sleeve
C DThere's nothing that I can't achieve
Em CAnd I just want you to know
Em CI love you more than ever so
Em CI'm here no matter where you go
GI hope you know
G D Cm C D GI hope you know
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