Erik Petersen – Dirty Pennies chords

Dirty PenniesIntro: e|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|----------0-------------0------------0-------------| D|-------0----0--------0----0-------0----0-----------| A|---------------------------------------------------| E|----3-------------2-------------0------------------|
e|---------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------3--------------3------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------0------| A|----0---2---3-------2--0----------2--0-------------| E|-----------------------------3---------------------|
G D/F# EmIn a small town where all knew all
C G DWandered a peasant lady nobody knew
G D/F# EmBut her only friend was a young boy
C G DBrought her hot tea and leftover stew
G D/F# EmIn those burning wintry Decembers
C G D He’d pick dirty pennies up off the cold street
G D/F# EmAnd while his mother was out Christmas shopping,
Am D GHe’d say, “Come on in, warm your feet
G D Dsus (2x) C9 D Dsus (2x)
G D/F# EmAs long as you share with me stories.”
C G DSo she spoke, “I’m a product of war.
G D/F# EmMy mother never knew who she could be
C G DAs my father lay drunk on the floor.”
G D/F# EmAnd she spoke of the cart that she wheeled
C G DHad keys with no locks and guitars with no strings
G D/F# EmAnd a puzzle that could never be finished
Am D GThis is my home, these broken things
G D/F# Em CAh, but the boy went on to be taught in the schools
G D/F# G/B C9To not talk to strangers, and don’t feed the fools
G D/F# G/B C9Grew older and further and of her, forgot
G D Bm C9As she was forced to move from lot to lot to lot
G D/F# Em C G D/F# G/B C9 (2x)
G D/F# EmShe said, “I guess it was much in his nature
C G DTo become an enforcer of law.
G D/F# EmMy old friend’s got a gun to protect me
C G DFrom the rock-tossing drunks from the bars
G D/F# EmAlways seemed like the sort to help others
C G DSo I’ll find him while he’s on the beat
G D/F# EmAnd say, remember me, I’m the old lady
Am D GYou’d give me pennies you’d find on the street.”
G D/F# EmWhen she found him, she saw not the young boy
C G DWho dug for the roots of her junk
G D/F# Em EmShe came face to face with a stern, vacant soldier
C G DGrinnin’ and spinnin’ a club
G D/F# EmHe said, “Don’t you know that you can’t be here?
C G DYou’ll hurt business, and scare away the kids.
G D/F# EmGo wander around in some other town
Am D GGet out or I’m taking you in.”
G D/F# Em C“But officer, I fondly remember you,
G D/F# G/B C9 Young boy who would give me the leftover stew
G D/F# G/B C9And would take me inside to the warm fire coals.
G D G/B C9 Those hundreds of pennies bought me all these clothes.
G D/F# Em C G D/F# G/B C9 (2x)
G D/F# EmIt’s against the law to peddle
C G DIt’s against the law to eat
G D/F# EmIt’s against the law to have nothing more
C G DThan the shoes, full of holes, on your feet
G D/F# EmAnd now they put bars across the park benches
C G DSo I guess it’s illegal to sleep.
G D/F# EmThey buried something inside of you, officer
Am D GInto your cold heart, dig deep
G D/F# Em CAnd you’ll see that it’s me
G D/F# G/B C9And here I’ll be, nothing new to me.
G D/F# G/B C9I’ll be heartbroken and cold, frozen and alone.
G D G/B C9My coffin was a dumpster and they didn’t even know.”
G D/F# Em CBut while out on the beat, he looked down to his feet,
G D/F# G/B C9And he saw a dirty penny heads up at his feet
G D/F# EmAnd it made him think of an old tall tale
Am D GOf a woman who pushed �round a cart
G D/F# EmAnd the boy who fed her and helped her
C G DKnew he should have deep in his heart
G D/F# EmOh, where did he hear that old tall tale?
C G DBut hey, what a story to spread
So he told it to his own growing boy Once in a while before bed Outro: G D Dsus (2x) C9 D Dsus (2x)
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