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Erik Santos – Parting Time chords

Song: If ever you're in my arms again
Artist: Erik Santos ft. Kyla
Tabbed by: Henrick Pealane
Age: 17 years old

Standard Tuning..

Intro: G-D-Em-C-G-Am-D

G D I remember the days
Emwhen you're here with me
C G Am Dthose laughters and tears we shared for years hmmm.
G D Emmem'ries that we have for so long it's me and you
C G Am Dnow you've gone away you left me all alone...
A E F#m D A Bm E Go on do what you want but please don't leave me you'll break my heart
A E F#m D A hey what should i do babe i'm missin' you please don't disappear this are the
Bm Ewords you should hear..
C G Am Dtime and time again i wish that you are here...
G D Em C-Di don't wanna loose you girl i need you back with me
G D Em C-Di don't wanna loose you baby can't you see
G D Em C-D oh i need you you've been a part of me
C G Am G-Am-Bm-Ci wish someday you'll be back home
G Am G-Am-Bm-Ccause i really miss you darlin
D Eplease come home. whooa whooohhooohah
D Aplease come home...
(Transposition) Instrumental: A-E-F#m-D-E (3x)
D A Bm A-Bm-C#m-Di wish someday you'll be back home
A Bm A-Bm-C#m-Dcause i really miss you darlin
E please come home....
A EI remember the days
F#m D-E-A....When you're here with me.....
love you kristine!
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