Erik Santos – Say Youll Never Go tab

artist:erik santos
title:say you'll never go

 A                             C#m      D
How can I make it through the day  without you?
 A           A/C#                 D
 You have been so much a part of me (and if you'll go) 
 I'll never know what to do
 A                    C#m         D
 How can I carry on my way   the memories
   A                      A/C#           D
 When all that is left is a pain of our history 
 Why should I live my life today?

 B/D#                 E
 I cannot live out on my own(I cant do anything at all) 
 A/C#                             D
 And just forget the love you 've always shown
     Bm                         Dm                          
 And accept the faith of my condition
 A      /C#         D
 Please don't ever go
 Bm                           G-E
 For I cannot live my life alone

 A     /C#       D
 Say you'll never go 
 A     /C#        B /D#        E 
 Say you'll never go out my  way
 A/C#              D      
 Say you'll never go
 A                        Bm
 For we can still go on and make it through
 Just say you'll never go
 Bm        /C#     E   G
 Say you'll never go away

(Do same chords pattern)
 How can I make my dreams come true  without you?
 You are the one who gives love to me 
 You are my fantasy

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus moving chords 1 fret higher)
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