Ernie Halter – Try chords

Ernie Halter - Try
I play this on capo 1 which is the same as Ernie on most videos but you can put it 
where you want. These chords are relative so it doesn't matter!

Em G C5 Emaj7sus4 Am CE|--0-----3-----x-----0-----0-----0B|--0-----3-----x-----0-----1-----1G|--0-----0-----x-----2-----2-----0D|--2-----0-----5-----1-----2-----2A|--2-----2-----3-----2-----0-----3E|--0-----3-----x-----0-----0-----0
For the electric, album version it's the same chords but the Em is hammered on, with either of these methods (pick your favourite!)
EmI've been tryin to reach out
GEvery chance I get
C5Livin' this relationship
Emaj7sus4 Over the phone
EmI've been feelin strung out
GDown this lonely road
C5Find me an airplane
Or a midnight train Emaj7sus4 Take me home
Am CTravelin through the night to bring you love
Am Emaj7sus4Said nothins gonna keep me gone
EmI'm gonna try (try) I'm gonna try (try)
GTry and make up the time
C5For all of these lonely nights
Emaj7sus4 That I wasn't by your side
EmI'm gonna try (try) For the night
GBaby, it's all about you
C5I'm gonna make love to you
Won't stop telling you Emaj7sus4 'Forget what we've been through'
EmI'm gonna try (try) Gonna try (try)
Gonna try (try) Gonna try
EmThousands of miles
GThese lonely motels
C5Whiskey and cigarettes
Quite a few regrets Emaj7sus4 This is hell
EmI'll hold your face
GYour face in my hands
C5You know it's not the same
When it's in the frame Emaj7sus4 To be with you now, I'd do anything
Am CI would walk through fire, I would run through glass
Am Emaj7sus4And nothins, gonna, keep me gone
Chorus Bridge Chorus End on Em.
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