Esterlyn – Holy chords

Capo 2

Intro: F# B E AVERSE 1
F# B E AThe Morning Star, King of Kings, Heir of All Things, Savior
F# B E AFriend of the Sinner, Redeemer, Defender, Healer
F# B E ALily of the Valley, You alone, our Peace, our Shield, our Father
F# B E ALight of the World, Deliverer, Jehovah, our Provider
F# BYou're Holy
E A You are the Lord Almighty
F# BYou're Holy
E AYou alone deserve the glory
F# B E AAnd I want to see, see your Light
F# B'Cause you're holy,
E AYou are the Lord Almighty
G# A You're the God Who Sees x2
G# A BYou're the God Who Sees
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