Ethan Gibson – Take It All chords

Take It All ft. Cady Groves
D A Bm G
DBaby close your eyes
AAnd leave it all up to me
BmI know you're broken
G DBut all that I can see
AIs everything
Bm G We could be
D A BmGirl don't run away from me
G DTake my time, take everything
A GAnd boy I hope, it's what I need
A DIf I come running
DYou were always right
AI guess I just tried so hard
BmTo be who I want
G D A Bm GNow i just see truth
D A Bm GAnd everything I held inside I'll put inside of you
D A BmWhether it's right, or whether we fall
GI'll feel safe with you
D A BmOnce you break down these walls
GAnd take it all
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