Evan And Jaron – Outerspace tab

Hey, this is by no means perfect, but it fits alright with the cd and isn't too
something with simple chords to play along with. The F? is definitely wrong, but most of the
fit fine if you're (like me) a single acoustic. Thanks. Sorry, no words though - 
to the song and the rythm and strum pattern is pretty easy to pick up.

All Chords:

G, D? (I say sus), F?, C, Am

Verses: (...its lonely here in outerspace...)

G, Dsus, C, G (repeat as needed)

Bridges: (...don't you ever...)

C, F?, G (repeat as needed)

Chorus: (...I've arrived, I'm doing well...)

C, F?, Am, F?, (slides to something, not sure - sorry) (repeat as needed)
The little music break after chorus: C, C variants

Music break:

G, Dsus, G, Am, F?, (dont know)

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