The Best Years Of Our Lives tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Evan Taubenfeld - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Evan Taubenfeld – The Best Years Of Our Lives tab ver. 2

Best Years of Our Lives
Evan Taubenfeld

Tabbed by: Me X) aka tOm
Drop D Tuning

[Intro Riff]|---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---0----0----0---0----0----0---0----0----0---0----0----0-||--5-5--5-5--5---5-5--5-5--5---5-5--5-5--5---5-5--5-5--5--||-0----0----0---5----5----5---9----9----9---5----5----5---|
*For those with a little less dexterity you can substitute the D-note on the 5th string for a F#/Gb on the 9th fret of the same string when you play the 9th fret on the 6th string [Prechorus]
|---------------------------||---------------------------||-6-66-6-66-7--4-44-4-44-4--||-7-77-7-77-0--5-55-5-55-5--| x2|-7-77-7-77-x--5-55-5-55-5--||-----------9--5-55-5-55-5--|
The chorus is very easy, its just D,G,Bmin, and back to G.You don't have to use the chords I'm giving you, any variationsto those chords will work =) D G Bmin|-2-|---|---||-3-|---|---||-2-|-4-|-7-||-0-|-5-|-0-||---|-5-|-x-||---|-5-|-9-|
\/I think a second guitar is playing these chords D G B|---|---|---||---|---|---||---|---|---||-0-|-5-|-9-||-0-|-5-|-9-||-0-|-5-|-9-|
[End Chorus]|------------------||------------------||------------------||-5-55-5-55-5/7-0~-||-5-55-5-55-5/7-0~-||-5-55-5-55-5/7-0~-|
[Bridge]-Theres several guitars... I tried my best So it starts on D and hits E when the vocals kick in followed by G and the ?A? chord.
D E G A?|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---||---|---|---|-6-||-0-|-2-|-5-|-7-||-0-|-2-|-5-|-7-||-0-|-2-|-5-|---|
|-----||-----||-----||-----|<-repeated a couple times while the intro|-5---| is played with the low D as the only bass note|-0---|Pm.
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