Beg tab with lyrics by Evans Blue - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Evans Blue – Beg tab

Tabbed by: Ben "The Man" Muir


e|-----0--------0--------1--------0--------1-------3------1-----|B|-----1--------1--------1--------1--------3-------3------1-----|G|-----0--------3--------2--------0--------2-------0------2-----|D|-----2--------2--------3--------2--------0-------0------0-----|A|-----3--------3--------3--------0----------------2------------|E|-----------------------1-------------------------3------------| C C7 F Am7 Dm G Dm7
Verse 1: C Here I am just one more day C7 Of not loving Him the way He asked F In fact my heart is singing praises F C To the things that make me feel alright C So I’m sinking fast like a stone heart should C7 And on the way down I’ve done what I could F C To try and try to turn this stone to flesh Pre-Chorus: Am7 Dm G I’m haunted by my God who has the right Am7 Dm To ask me what by the nature of my rebellion C G I cannot give Chorus: C So I beg…for you to move C7 I beg…for you to move F C I beg…for you to break through C I beg…for you to move C7 I beg…for you to move F C I beg…for you to break through Verse 2: C So here I am got the deeds for the day C7 And all the cute little words F C About how I am saved…Am I saved? C Could I love You with my mouth C Like a “church-kid” should C7 And at the end of the day F C My words are burned as wood…Oh but I was good! Bridge: Dm Dm7 Dm These songs are noise in Your ears Dm G A clanging drum D G You want my love
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