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Eve – No No No chords

 Eve feat. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley - No, No, No
[Album: Scorpion (2001)]

DmNo, No, No
Dm AmYou don't love me and I know now
Em DmCause you left me baby
AmAnd I got no place to go now
DmNo, No, No
Dm AmI'll do any thing you say boy
Em DmCause if you ask me baby
AmI'll get on my knees and pray boy
[Bridge 2x]
DmYou say that you love me but how could you lie
DmYou say that you love me but why could you lie
AmHow could you take my heart and leave me with
I don't know why [Eve - rapping] Yo, yo, yo Wha'mn, yu nuh si yuh, brown skin Pretty face, Eve comin at you like Bumba, see you waist Slim nice and round thing, momma say what a disgrace Mumma wahn kill her cuz dem lover is a panty chase A nuh my fault, mih mumma make me go Most dem lover style, even them say she rude A nuh lie me a lie, the truth speak tru she Boy, them make fi luv us still a chat bout me Ruff Ryder Ryde or Die chat bout we Ruff Ryder Ryde or Die chat bout we We, we, we [Damian Marley]
AmMax to my respect to my girl I love the best
But when you left me it's like a bullet to my chest Now I'm not the same, I got a bullet proof vest
DmKnocked off my feet I pleaded no contest
Sleepless nights without no sleep or rest This is ragamuffin, Junior Gong comin' next
AmTake it no more, I had to make a confess
Sometimes I feel I'm in the Wild, Wild West Lost the love I had now I live to the death [Stephen Marley (Damian Marley)]
DmSe woman a tell me lie, a give me long story line
Oh, sincerely yours, it could be sincerely mine But listening to promises what a fool am I
AmCan somebody tell me? You know all his life
I'm just trying to be friendly, but I'm losing my mind Mi notice that your moving physically on time
DmUse to be rubber ducky late nights no wine
Miss the loveliness of the body old whine Well, might as well you shoot me with a new cold 9
AmSweet one above me; is so hard to find
And I know you don't love me, I'm reading the signs Cause there's no where to go now you've left me behind
Dm(Now it's TRUE, TRUE) that I loved you for truth
(TRUE, TRUE) she stick like ankle glue (TRUE, TRUE) I make your gray skies blue
Am(TRUE, TRUE) you want me pers-nal boo
Chilling up on the house our love be that strong DJ's got to plays on the one's and two's [Chorus (x2)]
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