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From slehman@MIT.EDU Wed May 29 23:17:18 1996
Date: Wed, 29 May 96 18:20:23 EDT
From: slehman@MIT.EDU (Scott A. Lehman)
Subject: Tab - The Twistinside, by Everclear

Artist: Everclear
Song: The Twistinside
Transcribed by: Dan Patterson

This song has alot of fill ins so i'm gonna put everything down
and just listen to the song and play along here it goes.

verse:e:10-10-10-10-10\-3-3-3-3-3\5-5-5-5-5\3-3-3-3-3\10----|Back toB:12-12-12-12-12-\5-5-5-5-5\7-7-7-7-7\5-5-5-5-5\12----|beginning
for this part i'm going to put the chords and listen for the strum.
e:----10-8--6-5----------- where the 6,88-| chord is theB:----12-10-8-7----------------------------| second guitar does thisG:-8-------------8--7----- e:-3-----------|D:-8-------------8--7----- B:-5-----------|A:-6-------------6--5----------------------|E:-----------------------------------------|
After that is this part which is the bass the first few 2 times then the guitar plays this.
e:---------------|B:---------------|G:---------------|D:-5--7---9--10--| 4x Each chord gets playedA:-5--7---9--10--|E;-3--5---7--8---|
chorus: here's the chords listen for the strum.
here is the little mini solo: G:-0235323--0235323-023-023-0235323--
After solo is this: listen for strume:-10---12---|B:-10---12---|G:-10---12---|
here is all the little fill-ins listen to learn where they are. not in any specific order down here. G:12-12-14-14-15-15-14-14 repeats G:15-15-18-17----then---6666---7-- outro: e:16-14-13-11p10-9b--
one part i forgot towards the beginning you can hear a chordbeing tremelo picked this is the chorde:-10---|B:-12---|
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