Everlife – Angels Cry chords

PARA 1: 

E Dmb all the world is but a child
D Ascreaming over on ur words
E Dmb D Bno one hears ur pain they're a way to busy for concern hmmm
E Dmband the days become weeks
D Aand the months turn into years
E Dmb D Bu gotta know by now that only god sees all those tears oh
E Dmbwhen u cry cuz it hurts
D Ait doesnt mean that ur not heard
E Dmb D Bbecause aloud in heaven angels cry with you oh
E when u shout about the way u feel
Dmbor signs and lights that dont reveal
D Bto be getting on the end
E u can make a line from here to mars
Dmbacross the broken dreams and scars
D Bthere would never be a fix inside a savior
REPEAT CHORUS.................................. PARA 3:
E who could say they havent known of hate
Dmbor desire to retaliate
D Bthere must be someone, someone we can blame
E but its hard to put the anger down
Dmband hear from god without a sound
D Bi've found a way to heal the unforgiveness
E Dmbwhen u break and u yell
D Aand there's no one left to tell
E Dmb Du got the ears of heaven and his grace will come to you
Bcome to you
REPEAT CHORUS..................................
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