Everly Brothers – Let It Be Me chords

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Let It Be Me chords
The Everly Brothers *

G DI bless the day I found you
Em BmI want to stay around you
C GAnd so I beg you
C GLet it be me
G DDon't take this heaven from one
Em BmIf you must cling to someone
C GNow and forever
C GLet it be me
C BmEach time we meet love
C GI find complete love
Am BmWithout your sweet love
C B7 DWhat would life be
G DSo never leave me lonely
Em BmTell me you love me only
C GAnd that you'll always
C GLet it be me
* Alternate: Capo II G = F D = C Em = Dm Bm = Am Am = Gm B7 = A7 Set8
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