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Everly Brothers – Claudette chords

Claudette (composer Roy Orbison)
E1. Well I got a brand new baby and I feel so good,
She loves me even better than I thought she would,
AI'm on my way to her house and I'm plumb outta breath,
B7When I see her tonight, Im gonna squeeze her to death!
E A EClaudette...Pretty little pet, Claudette.
A E Never makes me fret, Claudette,
B AShe's the greatest little girl that I ever met,
B AI get the best lovin' that I'll ever get,
E A E A E From Claudette..pretty little pet Claudette! Oh! Oh! Claudette
E2. Well, I'm a lucky man, my baby treats me right.
She's gonna let me hug and kiss and hold her tight,
AAnd when the date is over and we're at her front door,
B7When I kiss her goodnight, I'll holler, 'More!More!More!
E 3.When me and my new baby have a date or three,
I'm gonna ask my baby if she'll marry me,
AI'm gonna be so happy for the rest of my life,
B7When my brand new baby is my brand new wife.
Chorus (Chords ear-transcribed by AJS)
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