Everly Brothers – Bird Dog tab

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                               "Bird Dog"
                           (Boudleaux Bryant)


	B   E A  F#    [2X]
	/ / / /  ////

Verse 1:

	Johnny, he's a joker (he's a bird)
	A very funny joker (he's a bird)
	But when he jokes my honey (he's a dog)
	His jokin' ain't so funny (what a dog)
	F#                          E
	Johnny is a joker that's a-tryin' to steal my baby
	         B        E  A   F#  [as per intro]
	(He's a bird dog)

Verse 2:

	Johnny sings a love song (like a bird)
	He sings the sweetest love song (you ever heard)
	But when he sings to my gal (what a howl)
	To me he's just a wolf dog (on the prowl)
	Johnny wants to fly away and puppy-love my baby
	(He's a bird dog)


	Hey, Bird Dog, get away from my quail
	Hey, Bird Dog, you're on the wrong trail
	F#                            E           B7
	Bird Dog you better leave my lovey-dove alone
	Hey, Bird Dog, get away from my chick
	Hey, Bird Dog, you better get away quick
	F#                            E                     B
	Bird Dog, you better find a Chicken Little of your own

	[repeat intro]

Verse 3:

	Johnny kissed the teacher (he's a bird)
	He tiptoed up to reach her (he's a bird)
	Well, he's the teacher's pet now (he's a dog)
	What he wants he can get now (what a dog)
	He even made the teacher let him sit next to my baby
	(He's a bird dog)

[repeat chorus]

[repeat intro; fade]

-- another ace 50's tab from Andrew Rogers
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