Everyday Sunday – Take Me Out tab

Verse 1&2: B F# G#m
           B F# E
           B F# G#m
           B F# E

Chorus: B F# G#m E
        B F# E
        B F# G#M E
        B F# E

Bridge: B F# G#m E

I know that I don’t feel like talking right now
But I know that You still feel the same
So what do we do when this feeling is gone
What will we do when I realize I am wrong (can you hear me now?)

Take me out of this place
Make me a raging fire 
Make me what You want to
Cause I don’t want to go down tonight
I don’t wanna go without a fight
I don’t wanna leave without Your scar

So when You find me in the parking lot
And I say that I’ve given it all I’ve got
Will You take me, and make me something new
Because all I wanted to give You
I have taken away
So I beg, You promised, I beg for You to take me
and just forget today (can you hear me now?)

I’m after Your own heart
I know we’ve wrestled round
You’ve left me with this mark
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