Everyday Sunday – Here With Me chords

Capo 6

Intro- C  D

Verse 1-
C DYou said that you hold the earth and moon
C D And I know that the morning bows to you
C DSo when the water rushes over me
C DYou’ll be there to pull me from the deep
B/D C DI believe that you are
B/D C DEverything you say you are
Em C G DI will follow you forever
Em C G DEven if I’m standing in the fire
Em C G DI believe, I believe and I have seen
Em C G DI believe, I believe you’re here with me
Verse 2-
C DYou said your light would chase the dark
C DYour love for me was written in the scars
C DSo if I’m feeling paralyzed with fear
C DI know that you’ll never leave me stranded here
Interlude-(x2) Em D/F# G A Bridge-(x2)
Em D/F# GI wanna be where you are
AYou carried me this far
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