One Night Stand tab with lyrics by Exit This Side - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Exit This Side – One Night Stand tab

I've been working on this song for a bit but i think the intro and verse are right and 
the pre-ch. anyways this is only the rythm chords the strumming is pretty easy.

INTROe|----------------|B|----------------| when switching to the 466 to 688 you have to strum aG|5-8-3---8-------| bit fasterD|5-8-3-6-8-------|A|3-6-1-6-6-------| x4E|------4---------|
VERSEe|-------------------|b|-------------------|g|5-8-3-8------------| play all notes twiced|5-8-3-8------------|a|3-6-1-6------------|e|-------------------| x3
P.S. i think the chorus is the same as the intro if you want to use this to make a tab has more go ahead
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