Eagles – Out Of Control chords

A     G    A   G   A   G

   [Verse 1]
EOh, my, don't the sky look spacious
E7sus4 EWith the stars all shining down
A Asus2Well, I can hear the night wind howling
D D5It's a high and lonesome sound
EAnd I ain't had a woman in so long
E7sus4 EI can't feed my starving soul
A Asus2 D D5Come on, saddle up, boys, we're gonna ride into town
E A Asus2 D D5We're gonna get a little out of control
[Verse 2]
EThere's a card game in the corner
E7sus4 EAnd the barmaid smiled at me
A Asus2Well, I tipped her a sliver dollar and
D D5She brought me a drink for free
EAll the town-folk call her the cheap one
E7sus4 EAnd the gamblers call her Flo
A Asus2 D D5Come on, set 'em up again ,I got me a friend,
E A Asus2 D D5And I think I'm getting out of control Oh, oh, oh
[Instrumental] E Esus4 E A Asus2 D D5 E Esus4 E A Asus2 D D5 E E [Bridge]
D AShe's cool water, her mama taught her
Bm EI got news, she's mine and mine alone
[Verse 3]
EAnd if anybody's looking for trouble
E7sus4 EYou know I'm the one you want to try
A Asus2Well, I'll fight any man who wants to
D D5And I don't care who or why
EYou got to gamble on your story
E7sus4 EYou got no guts, you get no glory
A Asus2 D D5And I'm betting my money on an ace in the hole
N.C AThink I'm getting out of control
[Outro] A A6/E A A6/E
A A6/EWe've done it now
A A6/EWhere's my baby?
A A6/EWhere'd you go, baby?
Mark W
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