Sleeps In The Day chords with lyrics by East of Eden - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

East of Eden – Sleeps In The Day chords

[Verse 1]

C F CShe was running, running from home.
C F CNow she's crying; she's lost and alone.
C F CHe was hiding deep in the ground.
C F CNow he's sorry there's no one around.
G F CShe won't return, but she knows she can't stay.
G F CHe won't discern that he's fading away.
G F CShe won't forgive, and he won't repay.
G F CHe fights just to live. She sleeps in the day.
[Verse 2]
C F CShe had hidden her heart in the sand.
C F CIt was missing; she'd lost it again.
C F CHe had banished, banished his soul.
C F CIt was absent, but no one would know.
[Verse 3]
C F CShe was searching for something to love.
C F CShe was blind of a God up above.
C F CHe was praying for something to change.
C F CThought the sound of salvation was strange.
G F CShe could not see through thunderous skies.
G F CHe was decieved by fancies and lies.
G F CShe could not hear, and he couldn't say
G F CWho follows their fears, and sleeps in the day.
G F CCrushed by her sin, she cried out in pain.
G F CLost in despair, he knelt down again.
G F CThey opened their hands to the God of their hearts.
G F CSaid hopelessness ends where salvation starts.
G F CShe learned how to love; he learned how to pray.
G F CWith mercy above, she sleeps in the day.
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