Edmond O Sullivan – Dingle Bay chords


D G DThe sun was sinking, toward the westward.
Em A7The fleet is leaving Dingle shore.
D G DI watch the men, row in there curraghs,
G A D D7as they mark the fishing grounds near Scellig more.
G DAll through the night, men toil until the daybreak,
Em A7while at home their wives and sweethearts kneel and pray.
D G DThat God might guard them and protect them,
G A D D7and send, them safely back to Dingle bay.
G DI see the green Isle, of Valencia,
Em A7i mind the caves around Lough Lien.
D G DThe gannets, swinging with abandon,
G A D D7as they watch the silver store, that comes their way.
G DI also see a ship on the horizon,
Em A7she is sailing to a country far away.
D G DOn board are exiles feeling loneley,
G A D D7as they wave a fond farewell to Dingle bay.
G DNow years have past, as I game homeward,
Em A7and time has left me old and gray.
D G DI sit, and muse about my childhood,
G A D D7and happy hours i spent in Dingle bay.
G DI see again the green Isle Valencia,
Em A7and the Isle of Inishmore seems far away.
D G DI am always dreaming of my homeland,
G A Dand a little spot I left on Dingle bay.---2x
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