He Is God chords with lyrics by Elisa Hurley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Elisa Hurley – He Is God chords

[Verse 1]
C#mOh my soul, are you lonely
E BDo you want someone to be there for you?
AHe’s there for you
C#mOh my soul, are you tired
E BHe said come to me all who are weary
AI’ll give you rest
AAre you looking for some peace?
BJust fall on your knees
AIf you want shelter from the storm
BJust run into His arms
EHe’s the God who parted the water
C#m AHe’s the God who took your sins away
Don’t be afraid
B EHe’ll never leave nor forsake you
EHe’s your shepherd, you will never
His loving-kindness reaches the skies
BSo soul be still and know He is God
EHe is God
[Verse 2]
C#mOh my soul you have a savior
E BHe loves you enough to even die for you
AThere’s no greater love
C#mOh my soul your God’s a king
E BHe rules the universe, but still has time for you
AHe’s holding you
AAre you looking for a friend?
BHe’ll be with you till the end
A/C#He hears all your pleas
B/D#He’s the God who sees
[Verse 3]
C#mOh my soul you’re not from here
E BThis life on earth isn’t forever
A You’re not home yet
C#mOh my soul, He’s coming back for you
EHe will take you to the place that he’s
Bprepared for you
AHe’s coming soon
AHe’ll wipe the tears from your eye
BAnd on that day death will die
A/C#He will reign on His throne
B/D#And He’ll welcome you home
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