Pastures Of Plenty chords with lyrics by Eliza Gilkyson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Eliza Gilkyson – Pastures Of Plenty chords

Em G D Em

[Verse 1]
GIt's a mighty hard row
D EmMy poor hands have hoed
GMy poor feet have traveled
D EmA hot dusty road
[Verse 2]
GOut of your Dust Bowl
D EmAnd westward we rolled
GYour deserts were hot
D EmYour mountains were cold
[Verse 3]
GI worked in your orchards
D EmOf peaches and prunes
GSlept on the ground
D EmBy the light of your moon
[Verse 4]
GOn the edge of your city
D EmYou'll see us and then
GWe come with the dust
D EmWe're gone with the wind
[Verse 5]
GCalifornia and Arizona,
D EmI made all your crops
GAnd its north up to Oregon
D EmTo harvest your hops
[Verse 6]
GDig the beets from your ground,
D EmPick the grapes from your vine
GTo set on your table
D EmYour light sparkling wine
[Instrumental] Em G D Em G D Em D G D Em G D Em [Verse 7]
GIt's green pastures of plenty
D EmFrom dry desert ground
GFrom the Grand Coulee Dam
D EmWhere the waters run down
[Verse 8]
GEvery state in this Union
D EmUs migrants have been
GWe'll work in this fight
D EmAnd we'll fight till we win
[Verse 9]
GAnd it's always we ramble
D EmThis river and I
GAll along your green valley,
D EmI will work till I die
[Verse 10]
GAnd this land I'll defend
D EmWith my life if need be
G'Cause my pastures of plenty
D EmMust always be free
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