Elizabeth – Cutting Strings chords

Dmaj7 G Bm Em A7
Dmaj7 G Dmaj7 G A7 Bm Em Dmaj7 A7

Dmaj7 GHow much do you love me boy
Bm7 Em A7how much do you want me to
Dmaj7 Gbow my head and mute my voice
Bm7 Em A7just so i could please you
G BmI-i do-ont want to sleep
Emwant to sleep
A7want to sleep
G BmI dont want to dream
A7 Dmaj7want to dream
Dmaj7 GDoes the world revolve around you
Bm7 Em A7what is it you want from me
Dmaj7 GDoes my loyalty astound you
Bm7 Em A7is it what you expect from me
G BmI-i do-ont want to leave
Emwant to leave
A7want to leave
G BmI want to be me
A7 Dmaj7am i free
Dmaj7 GTie my chains and blind my eyes
Bm7 Em A7you will not control me
Dmaj7 Gbreak my will and feed me lies
Bm7 A7 Di am me and i am free
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