Elvis Presley – Woman Without Love chords

G   Bm   A   D

[Verse 1]
G D GHer eyes tell the story so well
D A DShe tries hard to hide
A DSo little expected
A DToo often neglected
A D G DA woman stripped of her pride
[Verse 2]
G D GAlways so careful not to cry
D A DUntil I fall asleep
A DAnd there in the silence
A D G DShe lies with a tear on her cheek
G BmThe thought comes to mind
AThat I've failed somehow
D G DFor things I can't quite recall
G Bm E AThat a man without love is only half of a man
D D7 G Bm EBut a woman is nothing at all
[Verse 3]
A DbmShe knows I don't love her
A Bm EAlthough Heaven knows I've tried
Bm EHer reason for living
Bm EIs to go right on giving
Bm E AThe one thing that she's been denied
[Verse 4]
EWithout any warning
AIn the wee hours of the morning
Bm EShe cries
Bm E Bm EThe hurt deep inside she tries so to hide
Bm E AIs beginning to show in her eyes
Dbm E BmAnd a thought comes to mind that I've relive sometimes
E A EFor here it I can't quite recall
A D BmThat a man without love's only half of a man
E D ABut a woman is nothing at all
D A D BmYeah, a man without love's only half a man
E D A GBut a woman is nothing at all
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