Emerican Johnson – Remember The Rosenbergs chords

A E F#MIt was June the 19th of 1953
A E F#MAt Sing Sing on the Hudson River
A E F#MWhen Ethel and Julius took turns in that chair
A F#MAnd their sentences were delivered
A E F#MAnd they threw the switch after reading their crimes
A EJulius died in an instant
A E F#MBut Ethel, she suffered, they hit’er three times
F#M EBut her heartbeat continued, persistant
[Bridge] E [Verse]
DIt was the fifth one
EThat took her
A ETo her fate
DIt was the sabbath
EWhen they died
D EAt the bloody hands of the state
A E F#MIt was a long time ago when the Rosenbergs died
A F#MMost folks don’t remember their names
A E F#MBut the way they were treated and the way they were tried
A FWas an unforgivable shame
A E F#MJulius was murdered at age thirty seven
A EEthel was just thirty five
A E F#MThey had two small boys who have never forgiven
F#M EThe nation for taking their lives
[Bridge] E [Verse]
DThey were orphaned
EThey were lost
A EThey were injured
DBut they grew up
EAnd fought on
D EAnd into their old age they’ve endured
A E F#MWhen Ethel stood trial she pleaded the fifth
A F#MShe and Julius held off from snitchin’
A E F#MBut Ethel’s own brother turned’em in for a plea
A F#MDavid Greenglass, that dirty stool pigeon
A E F#MIt was March 29th of 1953
A EWhen the Rosenbergs got their conviction
A E F#MFor giving the Russians the atomic bomb
F#M EOr at least that’s the state’s little fiction
E DWhat they did
EThey did for the workers
A ENot for fortune and fame
DWhat they did
EDidn’t matter
D EThe Russians would’ve gotten that bomb all the same
[Bridge] A D A D [Verse]
A E D ARemember the Rosenbergs
A E F#MEthel and Julius were in their early twenties
A F#MWhen they met in the Communist Youth Hall
A E F#MAnd Ethel and Julius spent their whole lives
A FFighting and risking it all
A E F#MFor the liberation of American workers
A EWho are plundered, foresaken and fraught
A E F#MAnd Ethel and Julius died in our struggle
A ETheir names must not be forgot
DThey were comrades
EThrough and through
A ETil the end
DRemember Ethel
EAnd Julius
E ETheir names we must always defend
AIt was the sabbath
DWhen they died
AIt was the sabbath
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