Baptized By Fire chords with lyrics by Eternity-X - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Eternity-X – Baptized By Fire chords

Am F C G x2

[Verse 1]
Am F C GWhat have the prophets done to gain the path we seek?
Am F C GThe grayness that I see above it always follows me
Am F C GAnd the fruits of this life they take on many forms
Am F C GAs the fire in Hell's cauldron, the image it always burns
[Verse 2]
AmAnd the books
FSee the pages
C GRead between the lines
Am FIt's been shadowed with disillusionment
C GJust take back what you find
Am F C GLet's hide away to the distant hills never question why
Am F C GWhen we were conceived to this we were baptized by fire
[Guitar Solo 1] Am F C G x4 [Chorus 1]
Am F C GNo, it's a lie and it's not mine
Am F CIt's a tragedy, a mystery
FThat we must find
Am F CIt's a call to war
GIt's a shameless whore
Am F CIt's a fantasy, a mystery
G Am F C GIt's all you wanted here
[Verse 3]
G D G D G D CI know that I can be sure of a quiet walk with you
G D G D G D CScenes of distance and sounds of calming, my hideaway is you
G D G D G D CDreams are slower, the day is longer, and I can face it too
G D G D G D CTake me hold me, no one can hurt me, all because of you
[Chorus 2]
Am F CSold, it's a fake
GIt's a give and take
Am F CIt's a mystery, infinity
GIt's a world too late
Am F CIt's a kind of fear
GAnd it's all right here
Am G F Am G FDon't know the way I feel today
[Interlude] Am G Am F G
C GThough it feels I'm way ahead this time
G Am F G Am Seems far too good to be true
C GI know...I know
[Verse 4]
G D G D G D CI know that there is a savior when the day is through
G D G D G D CA passive knowing, a faithful wanting, a world I know as you
[Verse 5]
G Am F G CAnd fate is a walk I fear to take it's true
GI know...
G Am F G AmI sometimes feel I'll never make it through
C GI know...I know
[Verse 6]
G D G D G D CLike a child born to survive all, basking time with you
G D G D G D CSpending hours on ivory towers, could this all be true?
[Chorus 3]
Am F CHate, it's a fire
GIt's a bold faced lie
Am F CIt's a fallacy, insanity
GThe disease inside
Am F CIt's a walk through tears
GFor all those years
Am F CIt's misery, your history
G AmAnd it's all right here
[Guitar Solo 2] Am F C G x4 G Am F G C G G Am F G Am C G G Am F G C G G Am F G Am C G [Chorus 4]
Am F CThe end, it's a race
GIn the life you faced
Am F CIt's a parody, hypocrisy
GIt's your one last taste
Am F CAnd death, for real
GYeah, it makes no deals
Am F CIt's a tragedy, reality
G Am F C GNo one wants to hear
[Verse 7]
G D G D G D CI know that I can be sure of quiet nights with you
G D G D G D CA face of knowing and understanding, one I know as you
G D G D G D CIn the distance I see existence, I know you see it too
G D G D G D CYou're all I dream of, you're all I think of, I know I just love you
[Chorus 5]
Am F CNo, it's gone
GLife's not that long
Am F CIt's senility, a rhapsody
GIt's all that's wrong
Am F CAnd here you stand
GAll alone again
Am F CIt's misery, insanity
GYou can't defend
Am F CAnd now you're dead
GIt's a kick in the head
Am F CIt's a tragedy, a mystery
G Am CIsn't that what you said?
[Outro] Am F C G Am F C G
Am FBut if you can take the bounty
C GI will grab the soul
Am FThen we'll run away together
C GNo one will ever know
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