Ethel Waters – Am I Blue chords

F I'm just a woman,
F7 a lonely woman
Bb Db7 C7 F Gm7 C7Waiting on the weary shore
F I'm just a woman
F7 who's only human
Am E7 Am GbdimOne you should feel sorry for
Gm Bbm C7 It was a morning, long before dawn
F F+ Dm G7 C7 Without a warning I found he was gone
F How could he do it,
F7 why should he do it
Bb G7 C7 He never done it before
F C7Am I blue, am I blue
F Eb7 D7 G7Ain't these tears in these eyes
Db7 C7 F Ab7 Gm C7telling you
F C7Am I blue, you'd be too
F Eb7 D7 G7If each plan with your man
Db7 C7 FDone fell through
AmWas a time
E7When I was his only one
E7 Am Cdim C7But now I'm the sad and lonely one...lordy
F C7Was I gay, 'til today
F Eb7 D7 G7Now he's gone, and we're through
Db7 C7 F Bb Bbm FAm I blue
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