Eva Cassidy – A Bold Young Farmer chords

[verse 1]

BbmA bold young farmer courted me
Bb Ab Db Fm FHe stole my heart and my liberty
Bbm Bb EbHe stole my heart without free goodwill
Ab Fm BbAnd I must confess that I love him still
[verse 2]
BbmI wish, I wish but it‘s all in vain
Bb Ab Db Fm FI wish I was a maid again
Bbm Bb EbBut a maid again I never can be
Ab Fm BbSince such a young fellow lies still by me
[verse 3]
BbmThere sits a bird in yonder tree
Bb Ab Db Fm FSome say he‘s blind and cannot see
Bbm Bb EbAnd I wish it was the same with me
Ab Fm BbBefore I took up with your company
[verse 4]
BbmI wish my babe so tiny was born
Bb Ab Db Fm FAnd smiling on his father’ s knee
Bbm Bb EbAnd I poor girl was dead and gone
Ab Fm BbWith the green grass growing all over me
[verse 5]
BbmGo dig my grave, dig long and deep
Bb Ab Db Fm FPlace a marble stone at my head and feet
Bbm Bb EbAnd on my heart put a snow white dove
Ab Fm BbTo let the world know that I died for love
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