Eva Cassidy – Kathys Song chords

F   Eb   Bb Eb Bb Eb (x2)
F   Eb   Bb Eb Bb Eb

BbI hear the drizzle of the rain
Cm FLike a memory it falls
Bb F Bb EbSoft and warm continuing
Cm Bb F Bb EbTapping on my roof and walls
Bb Eb BbMy mind's distracted and confused
Cm FMy thoughts are many miles away
Bb F Bb EbThey lie with you when you're asleep
Cm Bb F BbKiss you when you start the day
F Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb
Bb Eb BbAnd as I watch the drops of rain
Cm FWeave their weary paths and die
Bb F Bb EbI know that I am like the rain
Cm Bb F BbThere before the grace of you go I
[Outro] F Eb Bb Eb Bb Eb Bb Cm F Bb F Bb Eb Cm F Eb Cm Bb
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