Faber Drive – You And I Tonight chords

The intro is kind of difficult. i tried it with capo but then the chorus sounds weird so 
without a capo..

E-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G---------------5-------------|D----3---5---3-----3---2---3--|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------| and this just repeats... i got most of the chorus
F BbWhat If i stay forever What if there's no goodbye
F DbFrozen for a moment here in time yeah
FIf you tell me the sky is fallin
Bband say that the stars collide
F Dbthe only thing that matters in my life is you and i tonight
if you have any corrections let me know what they are! i lovee this song and i got of waiting for a tablature or chord progression so heres a bit of this song! :) please rate and comment with any corrections/suggestions
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