Face To Face - Debt tab

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Title: Debt
Artist: Face to Face
Album: Big Choice
Tabed by: Wheelz (rbreck@foxnet.net)

This song only has 2 differnt parts that are played over and over and here
they are. Find the rythem yourself.

Intro (kinda like "Teen Spirit")

Progression 2 Strum the first chord once, let it ring for a bit, then do the same for the second, then strum the third in a fast punk rawk rythem.
E|---------------------------| B|---------------------------| G|-------------7-------------|D|---7----4----7-------------|A|---7----4----5-------------|E|---5----2------------------|
Solo (i don't know if this is correct)
repeat 4x repeat 4xE|---------------|----------------------|B|---3---2---0---|---5---2--------2-3---|G|---------------|----------------------|D|---------------|----------------------|A|---------------|----------------------|E|---------------|----------------------|
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