The Hiring Fair chords with lyrics by Fairport Convention - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fairport Convention – The Hiring Fair chords

Em  C  Em  C

Em C G D/F#I went down to the hiring fair for to sell my labour
Em C Bm CI noticed a maid in the very next row, I hoped she'd be my neighbour
G D/F# Em CImagine then my delight when the farmer picked us both
DThough I spoke not a word on the cart to the farm
Em CMy heart beat in my throat
Em C G D/F#My lodging was dry and my master fair, I gave him full measure
Em C Bm CLike corn in the field my envy grew, for in his house was my treasure
G D/F# Em CI watched her carry water, or drive cows from the byre
DAnd the heat from the sun made the corn grow strong
Em C Em CAnd with it my desire
Em C G D/F#I see her in my dreaming and in my dreams caress
Em C Bm CHer lips, her eyes, her dark brown hair, the curves beneath her dress
G D/F# Em CAnd harvest time it came at last, so heavy was our task
DThat the women and the men worked side by side
Em C Em CSo I had her near at last
Em C G DI swung harder with my scythe, few words between us passed
Em C Bm CI cursed my tongue-tied youthfulness, hoped she'd hear my heart
G D/F# Em CWhen all was safely gathered in, we sat down to rest
DMy trembling fingers touched her arm
EmShe placed them on her breast
[Instrumental] Em C Em C Em C Em C [Verse]
Em C G D/F#She turned to me as the sun went down and all my senses reeled
Em C Bm CWe lay there on the scented ground 'til the moon rose over the field
[Instrumental] G D/F# Em C D Em C Em C Gm7 Eb Gm7 Eb Gm7 Eb Gm7 Eb Em C Em C [Verse]
Em C G D/F#She was safely gathered in my arms when from the barn
Em C Bm CDrifted the sound of a violin and we hurried to the farm
G D/F# Em CAll were dancing in the lantern light and music filled the air
DAnd I thanked the stars and the harvest moon
EmFor the girl from the hiring fair
[Outro] Em C Em C Em C x3
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