Dark Eyed Molly chords with lyrics by Fairport Convention - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fairport Convention – Dark Eyed Molly chords

Dm    Bb  C Dm  x3
Dm  Bb  C
Dm  Eb  C

F C FDeep and dark are my true love's eyes
Bb C FBlacker still is the winter turning
Bb C FAs the sadness of parting proves
Bb C FAnd brighter now is the lantern burning
Bb C FThat lightens my path to her
C F C FNo fiddle tune will take the air
Bb C FBut I'll see her swift feet a-dancing
Bb C FAnd the swirl of her long brown hair
Bb C FHer smiling face and her dark eyes glancing
Bb C DmAs we stepped up from Banbury Fair
[Instrumental] C Bb C Dm Eb C [Verse]
F C FIf my waiting prove in vain
Bb C FThen I'll pack and track ever take me
Bb C FAnd the long road will ease my pain
Bb C F Bb FNo jewelled mankind will ever make me
Bb C FWhisper love's words again
C F C FFor in drink I'll seek good company
Bb C FMy ears will ring with the tavern's laughter
Bb C FAnd I'll hear not her last sweet sigh
Bb C FAnd who's to know in the morning after
Bb C F C FHow I long for her dear dark eyes
Bb C F C FAnd I long for her dear dark eyes
Bb C F CHow I long for her dear dark eyes
[Outro] Dm C
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