Fake Problems - Mr Rock And Roll chords

Mr. Rock And Roll by Fake Problems
(Tabbed by Les Puala, a.k.a. Kathryn)

A Handy-dandy little video to teach you the strumming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a45xtpH7rD4

G C So you're letting me go to play that Mr. Rock and Roll, Roll.
G DI hope the girls you meet are pretty, smart, clever and super skinny.
G CYou know they'll fall for you so fast, Mr. Backstage-pass,
G D Gbut she'll never follow through.
G CSo i'll put a little more make-up on, be miss outgoing, miss so-moved on,
G DHeres to hoping that I don't get screwed again.
G CI'm gonna to find a boy who loves me, who respects everything about me...
G D GAnd I might as well just marry him.
C G CBut its nice to know I'm still your source of inspiration, just promise
G Cme you won't put words in my mouth, 'cause you have absoulutely no clue
Gwhat i'm feeling
G D C G DGo have your fun Mr. Rock and Roll, but don't call me baby.
C GI'm not your baby, anymore.
And thats about it! :)
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