Family Force 5 – Mamacita chords

So, here's Mamacita off of the guys' new album III. My version doesn't have all 
the bells and whistles they use, but it's a pretty hot tune if you've got just an acoustic guitar.

Intro: C  E  Am  F

Verse 1:

C E Am F If you read my lips, If you got junk in the trunk
C E Am FCome and get, get low, everybody it's time to party
Dm AmYou got a JLO (aye, aye, aye)
Dm AmYou can make a cholo (cry, aye, aye)
Dm AmOh, you know you make me go (aye, aye, aye)
FOh, aye, aye, aye
GOh, aye, aye aye!
C E Am FAy Mamacita, my little chica, you got me loco singin' 'aye, aye, aye'
C E Am FAy Senorita, nothin' could be sweeter, we cross the border, you and I, aye, aye
C E Aye, aye aye, ohh aye, aye, aye, ohh
Am FYou got me loco singin' 'aye, aye, aye'
Verse 2:
C E Am FHot salsa chick, excuse me Ms. (aye, aye, aye)
C E Gimme', gimme' amor, por favor
Am FEverybody, it's time to party
(Prechorus) (Chorus) Bridge: The bridge in this song is kinda weird, so I would just suggest playing an Am as a filler Interlude:
C E AmWhooaaa, Whooaaa, Whooaaa,
Am FYou got me loco singin' 'aye, aye, aye'
From here you play the chorus a few more times, then end it all with a C. Hope you enjoyed! Have fun playing this stinkin' awesome song!
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