Stronger chords with lyrics by Fantan Mojah - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fantan Mojah – Stronger chords

So the other tab on here didn't quite sound right when I started playing with the song. 
Not saying this is perfect, but overall it sounds a bit more in tune with the original song. 

Chords used through the ENTIRE song: Em,C,and D
Listen to the song so you can get the feel

Em C D Em C DTheyre wishing for me to fall but Jahs gonna make me stronger.
Theyre wishing for me to fall but Jahs gonna make me higher. If you're wanting the triad-esque upbeat tabs, here they are(at least what I play)
Em(2x) C(2x) D(4x)|--7-------3-------5-------------||--8-------5-------7-------------||--9-------5-------7-------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
Enjoy! Hope they work out for you!
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