Farewell Milwaukee – Way Out chords

Farewell Milwaukee - Way Out
Capo 5

Verse:    F-C-G-Am-G     *(Am-G) walk base notes at 2x tempo              
Chorus:   Am-F-C  Am-F-C
          Am-G-F-G  Am-F-C

(F) (C) (G) (Am) (G)are you still looking for a way out
(F) (C) (G)as you feel the seasons change
(F) (C) (G) (Am) (G)overcast shadows dont bother your bones
(F) (C) (G)its the memory of going home
(F) (C) (G) (Am) (G)the house didn't do you good and the apple trees are old
(F) (C) (G)what happened there still eats your soul
(Am) (F) (C)hold on cause youre all alone
(Am) (F) (C)the south aint even your home
(Am) (G) (F) (G)if you come back up here looking for me to bail you out
(Am) (F) (C)you know i cant turn it down
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