Fastball – Louie Louie tab

"Louie Louie"
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Standard tuning

G5 Sitting here in your room A5 C5 I've been listening to the free way and the moon G5 A5 Shining through broken windows C5 I've been waiting for you singing
Chorus fill:|---------||---------||-9h10-12-||---------||---------||---------|
E5 A5 Louie louie louie louie (chorus fill) C5 G5 F#5 When you gonna come back home? E5 A5 Louie louie louie louie (chorus fill) C5 You know I hate to see you cry (Intro riff) G5 Sitting on the hood of your car A5 Staring up at the sky C5 G5 Wishing on a falling star, you've come so far A5 C5 I get no response I just keep on calling singing CHORUS
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